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Milken Scholar 2018
Scholar Profile

Isabel Musselman



While Isabel would ordinarily be entering her Junior year at Harvard, due to the remote learning environment, she has decided to take the term off from school. During the past several months, Isabel has been working remotely for Beli, a technology startup working on a personalized restaurant recommendation app. At Beli, Isabel has been working on a range of different projects—as is the nature of working at a startup—from data process implementation and design, to market research and app feature development.

At Harvard, Isabel studies Psychology and Economics, with a focus on the how and why of individual motivation. She is particularly interested in understanding how technology has affected our sense of altruism and if it has created a broad sense of obligatory reciprocity. Aside from her academic work, Isabel is a leader for the First-Year Outdoor Program, spearheading backpacking trips for incoming First-Year students. Isabel is also on the Women’s Frisbee team, Quasar, as well as a Managing Editor for the school’s food literary magazine, the Harvard Edible.

High school:  Culver City High School


College Year Degree
Harvard College
Cambridge, MA
2022 A.B. Psychology