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Milken Scholar 2018
Scholar Profile

Isabel Musselman



Isabel is excited to be entering her sophomore year at Harvard. Although she is unsure of what exactly she will be studying, Isabel is interested generally in the how and why of human behavior--this leads her to interests in psychology, economics, and government. Aside from sorting through academic interests, Isabel is on the Women's ultimate frisbee team at Harvard, Quasar. Isabel is also a leader for the First-Year Outdoor Program, leading backpacking trips for incoming First-Year students. Isabel is also a Freshman Fellow at Harvard Hillel, as well as a member of the Interfaith Forum. This past summer, Isabel worked as Art Director at the Lair of the Golden Bear, a family camp run by the Cal Alumni Association.

High school:  Culver City High School


College Year Degree
Harvard College
Cambridge, MA
2022 A.B. Cognitive Science