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Milken Scholar 2022
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Dulce Gonzalez Arias



Dulce Gonzalez Arias is a rising sophomore at Harvard College, Class of 2026. She is currently on a pre-law track planning to double major in History & Literature and Art, Film, and Visual Studies with a minor in Ethnicity, Migration, and Rights. Since entering Harvard College, Dulce has been involved in a variety of organizations on campus. Most notably as the Media and Marketing Chair for the First Year Retreat Experience (FYRE), the Freshman Representative for Latinas Unidas, and the Communications Chair of the Harvard Undergraduate Legal Committee. Dulce has also been recognized as one of twelve freshmen at Harvard College awarded the First Year Chan Stride Scholarship for excellence in public service.

High school:  Canoga Park High School


College Year Degree
Harvard University
Cambridge, MA
2026 Political Science