Boyle Caoimhe
Milken Scholar 2018
Scholar Profile

Caoimhe Boyle

Risk Management


Caoimhe Boyle graduated from The Chapin School as an AP Scholar with Distinction and National Merit Scholar. She was in student government for 4 years, served as senior class president, and received the LEADERS Magazine Award for her leadership and service to her school. She participated in the Chapin Varsity Soccer team for four years and played viola in the Interschool Orchestra Symphony. Caoimhe was a recipient of the Aufhauser Science Internship Award during her sophomore year for her work at Fieve Clinical Research, where she has worked for the past five years.

Caoimhe is a sophomore studying Mathematics and Computer Science at Princeton University. She spent the past summer in Beijing for two months studying Mandarin. She is currently learning to speak Portuguese, and has studied Latin and Ancient Greek.

High school:  The Chapin School


College Year Degree
Princeton University
Princeton, NJ
2022 B.A. Mathematics