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Milken Scholar 2021
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Brayant De Leon-Duarte



Brayant is a third-year QuestBridge Scholar currently attending the University of Chicago. He is majoring in Computational and Applied Math while concurrently pursuing a joint Master's in Economics. He has extensive research experience through his previous work with Dr. Raaj Sah of the Harris School of Public Policy and the Joint Initiative for Latin American Experimental Economics. He serves as Director of Research for the Chicago chapter of Charles River Economics Labs, a student-run economics research organization that provides pro bono research to government organizations, think tanks, non-profits, and more. This summer, Brayant will be working as a summer analyst at the economic consulting firm, Analysis Group.

High school:  South East High School


College Year Degree
University of Chicago
Chicago, IL
2025 Joint B.A./M.A. Economics
University of Chicago
Chicago, IL
2025 B.S. Computational & Applied Mathematics