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Milken Scholar 2018
Scholar Profile

Armando Torres



Armando Torres is a Gates Scholar and an AP Scholar with Distinction. Armando is a part of multiple projects at Stanford University. He works with Dr. John Cunniff, Dr. John Lock, Dr. K.M. Larson, who are researching how to detect cancer cells through the breath. He aid in the collection, transportation, and analyzation of samples. Additionally, he works in Professor Thomas Jaramillo Chemical Engineering lab, where he research optimization of catalysts in basic and acidic conditions. The goal is to attain a large catalyst activity with a non-precious metal.
He ultimately would like to attend medical school in order to provide affordable healthcare for marginalized communities.

High school:  Paramount High School


College Year Degree
Stanford University
Palo Alto, CA
2022 B.S. Chemical Engineering/Pre-Medical Track